Name: Rachel Marsden

Email: rachelmarsden@gmail.com

URL: rachelmarsden.com

Age: 41

Location: Paris, France

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Rachel Marsden, who is the worst slut in the world, has been falsely accusing people of raping her
during 90s and 00s, including her swimming coach and the Wikipedia founder. On Twitter, she has
been caught using her main Twitter accounts and even sock Twitter accounts such as
@Non_Disclosure to harass other people she don’t like, even using sexual suggestive words inside
her tweets.

This girl now lives in Paris, France and is working for Sputnik Radio in there.

By falsely accusing other people of raping her, this Rachel Marsden scum had insulted all of the rape
victims out there. She also exhibits stalking behaviors against others, particularly hackers like “The

If you want to learn more about her, you can go to the discussion page of her IMDB profile, there’s a
post detailing all of her dark deeds. In addition to that, the hacker “The Jester” also has a piece, which
is titled “Rachel Marsden – Come on down” that details the sadistic behaviors of the daughter of bitch.

By faking her resumes, that Marsden bitch is a fake bitch scum who always boasts about her
psychopathic and sadistic scheme. This pinko/commie also always shamelessly defending dictators
who commit heinous crimes.

By calling herself a “journalist”, she is making the whole journalist community looks ridiculous.

Sluts and psychos like Rachel Marsden deserve no place in our current society, and maybe she should
be exiled to a remote island to let her rot by herself.

So, wanna let her taste her own medicine? Here’s her doxes:
Scroll down to the Rachel Marsden part in the link below:

There’s an address of Rachel Marsden in this pdf:

Apparently her email address is rachelmarsden@gmail.com and she has multiple phone numbers.
She might now lives in a room in 1 RUE CAMILLE DESMOULINS 92300 LEVALLOIS PERRET, PARIS,
FRANCE, according to the pdf and the links below:




Want more details? Here’s her home in Google street view:


Rachel Marsden’s court record regarding her stalking charges:


So, troll her if you can by calling pizzas to her home, since there’s a Domino’s pizza shop in 99 Rue
Aristide Briand, 92300 Levallois-Perret, France.

Also, you are welcomed to swat her at your own will. Or at least troll her (@Non_Disclosure) on Twitter
with shit talks and gamergate style insults and threats.

You are also welcomed to throw rotten eggs and shoes against her when you see her walking in a
Parisian street in real life.
Rachel Marsden
The Truth
Will Come
Active Predator
Convicted Cyber Predators
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