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Every day, both kids and adults experience online bullying. Awareness may be up, but unfortunately so are the
incidents of harassment. How many more tortured young kids and adults will choose to take their own lives,
rather than face the insecure bullies who get pleasure from ruining theirs?

Hunter Moore from the now defunct isanyoneup.com is probably one of the internet's most notorious predators.
Hunter is a self-admitted bully with a long history of outrageous behavior. He's a self proclaimed "professional
life-ruin-er." Here's a comment he made during an interview to Gawker, "I'm going to sound like the most evil
motherf***er - let's be real for a second:
If somebody killed themselves over being on the site do you know how
much money I'd make? At the end of the day, I do not want anybody to hurt themselves. But if they do?
Thank you
for the money."

Moore's world revolves around his Twitter account. It's horrifying to see how many of his followers retweet his
defamatory comments with even nastier ones.

Here at iBully, we decided to turn this darkness into light. He's crossed the line with his attacks against
completely powerless, underage women who were verbally harassed after Hunter posted their completely naked,
unedited photos on his site.

He preys on those who he perceives as weak, and he's at it again! His newest website is called

UGOTPOSTED.COM - Hunter Moore - The Bully is Back Online!

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